Heating & Air Conditioning


We offer high quality products and replacement parts for all your HVAC needs, whether they are  residential, commercial or industrial. Whether it's a small custom project or a large commercial venture, our highly skilled and experienced staff provides quality commercial HVAC services efficiently and economically.

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Customized Fabrication

Our sheet metal experts will professionally fabricate and install  ductwork and ventilation in your home or commercial space.

We take each order as an individual project, using custom metal fabrication to deliver a tailored solution to meet our clients need.

Emergency 24/7

We provide an after- hours telephone service, so you are not left waiting to get help with an urgent problem.

Professional Workers

Our experienced technicians specialize in commercial and industrial heating, cooling and venting. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and comfortable indoor environment.

Licenced & Insured

We have the expertise, resources, and professionalism to provide our services in a timely manner, which will  keep your HVAC systems running smoothly. 

Why Call Valley Refrigeration?

Since 1965, Valley Refrigeration has been providing repair, installation and maintenance services in Pembroke and the surrounding areas. With the expertise and knowledge we have acquired through the years, there is nothing that we haven't seen!